Coffee Machine 4 Lane Multi Water Inlet Coffee and Tea Vending Machine | Bubble Top, Water Pump and RO Direct Water Input | Four Beverage Options | For Offices, Shops and Smart Homes | Make 4 Varieties of Coffee Tea with Premix

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Are you tired of being restricted to a single water source for your vending machine?  This cutting-edge vending solution offers a trifecta of water input options, catering to your specific needs.


  1. Bubble-Top Water Input: For those who prefer the convenience of bottled water, our machine seamlessly accepts bubble-top water containers. Simply load it up, and you're ready to enjoy your favorite brews.

  2. Water Pump Model: Are you looking for a more hands-free solution? The water pump model effortlessly draws water from any container or source, ensuring you never run dry during your coffee or tea break.

  3. RO Direct Water Inlet: If you're a connoisseur of purified water, the RO Direct Water Inlet is your best friend. This option connects directly to your reverse osmosis system, delivering the purest water for your brews.

Machine Suitable For

    Small, medium and large offices




    Commercial places like Bakeries, Hotels and Restaurants.

    Robust Door and mechanism for long life


    Consistency in taste. From first cup to last cup.


    Digital Meter inside will track the consumption of cups


    Make Your Coffee/Tea instantly.



    Chose from Wide range of beverage options


    Dispenses 4 Cups per minute


    Machine Dimensions

    • Length : 13 Inches
    • Width : 14 Inches
    • Height : 26 Inches
    • Weight : 15 Kg


    Low Power Consumption

    Machine consumes 1.5 to 2 units for 12 hours.