Frequently Asked Questions


Everything to know about Cafe Desire Vending Machines 2 and 4 Option

Required milk ? Or just powder?

     Premix is is a mix of coffee and milk powder

How many cups of tea and coffee could be prepared once at a time?

     One cup at a time

What kind of maintainance does this machine require including cleaning?

     Periodical cleaning is only required

From where we can see meter reading for number of cups dispensed?

     For 2 Option Vending Machine, you just have to hold the 'Half Cup' button. It'll display F(Full cup) & HF(Half Cup). For 4 Option Vending Machine, you have to press the program button 3 times, then choose the beverage for which you want to see the reading.

Do you get a premix pack complimentary for the 1st time with machine?


Do you need both tea and coffee premix separately?

     Yes. For 2 Option Vending Machine, you need 2 seperate packs. For 4 Option Vending Machine, you need 4 separate packs.

How many cups will you get for 500g and 1kg premix?

     With 500g you can make tea of 35 to 40 cups of 100 ml and 1 kg you can make upto 70 to 80 cups.

Can you make Lemon Tea?

     Yes. With Lemon Tea Premix pack.

What is the approximate cost per one cup of coffee/tea from this machine ?

     ₹5 only.

What does Lifetime Free Live Service mean?

     The problem with the machine will be solved through Video Conference.

Can the machine be used as a water dispenser(hot & normal)?

     Yes, but only for hot water. Doesn't dispense normal & cold water.

For how many days can you keep the powder in the machine?

     It is recommended you should keep powder inside the machine for not more than 15 days.

Can I make Tomata Soup with this machine?

     Yes, by using Cafe Desire Tomato Soup Premix.

Does it make Hot Chocolate as well?

     Yes, by using Cafe Desire Hot Chocolate Premix.

What are the dimensions of the machine?

     For 2 Option Vending Machine - H:640mm, W:320mm, L:350mm, For 4 Option Vending Machine - H:640mm, W:320mm, L:470mm

Does it run on electricity?


Can the sugar be added separately?

    Yes, you can simply order Latte Range Premixes in case you prefer adding sugar separately.

Does the Machine consume too much electricity?

    Its a Low Power Consuming Vending Machine, 2-3 units per day.

What is the water capacity for this Vending Machine?

    20 liters.

Do we provide a Demo for a better understanding of the Machine?

    Yes, we provide video assistance.

What is the material of hot water tank?

    Stainless steel.

Can the machine be run on Inverter?


Can we use milk instead of water in this machine?


How to clean Cafe Desire Vending Machine?

    There is a auto flush button for cleaning the machine pipes and interior cleaning in Program mode.

Can we adjust the quantity of hot beverage dispense?

    Yes, You can adjust the quantity as per your requirement

For what all spare parts do we provide warranty?

    You'll get warranty on Gear Motor, Whipper Motor and Mixing Bowl for 1 year.

Everything you need to know about Cafe Desire Premixes

What is a Premix?

A Premix is a mix of Coffee/Tea Powder, sugar and milk powder. You just need to add 100ml hot water and your hot beverage is ready.

How many cups per packet?

80 cups of 100ml or 100 cups of 80ml.

How much premix should I add for one cup?

3 Teaspoons of premix ideal for 80-100ml

What is Latte Range?

Latte Range is for tea lovers who like their tea/coffee with less sweetness.

What are Lifestyle Drinks?

Lifestyle Drinks include Lemon Tea, Green Tea, Hot Chocolate, Tomato Soup, Almond Milk etc.

What is Premium Range?

All the ingredients that go in for making of these products are carefully picked and blended with quality.

What is Red Range?

Red Range premixes are economical. Suitable for the customers who are conscious about quality as well as price.

How much does a pack of coffee/tea weigh?

1kg Standard Pack

650 gms for Latte Range

500 gms for Lifestyle Drinks

How many varieties of Premix are there?

Cafe Desire provides a wide range of flavours i.e 22+ Flavours.

What is the shelf life of each pack?

9 months.

How to use this product in a vending machine?

You can use this premix tea in any brand of vending machine. You just need to cut the packet and pour the premix into the canister provided inside the vending machine.