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The word "KARAK" is Arabic word, which means STRONG. Our Karak blend is made for the people who like their Tea to be little stronger. 

Karak Ginger Tea - Comes with a added ginger, which is soothing on your throat and you will be refreshed the moment you take the first sip.

Karak Saffron Tea - This is for people who like richness in the taste of their tea. Our Saffron is imported from Iran for its best quality of saffron.

Karak Masala Tea - Who does not like Masala Chai? Nothing much to say, it is super tasty, go for it and feel the difference. It's like your Bombay Cutting Chai.

Karak Cardamom Tea - This is different from our regular Cardamom Tea,  you will find the Elaichi ( Cardamom ) dominating in your tea. But you will feel Royal when you are sipping this tea. This tea use to be favorite of Kings and Monarchs. And why not? after all our Cardamom is imported directly from Geneva, which produces one of the finest cardamom in the world.

You’ll be enjoying all of the health benefits plus indulging your taste buds in enormous flavour profiles within minutes. Hold the cup for a moment, smell the spices, taste the Karak Tea and feel that internal warm hug.