Kashmiri Pink Chai - 1Kg

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Kashmiri Pink Chai (1Kg) | Makes 80 Cups | 3 in 1 | Milk not required | For Manual Use - Just add Hot Water | Suitable for all Vending Machines | Mixture of Aromatic Herbs & Spices including Almond - Saffron

Kashmiri Pink Chai is quite nutritious and rich with milk, cream, nuts and spices. It is healthy for it's nutritional richness.

Kashmiri Pink Chai has very low caffeine like other green tea compared to black tea. So doesn't hinder your sleep like black tea or chai.

Kashmiri Pink Chai is a traditional hot beverage which is pink in colour. It has a rich, creamy and sweet taste. A kehwa (tea base) is first prepared with Kashmiri or Green Tea leaves and whole spices like green cardamom ,almond, Saffron, star anise, cinnamon, cloves, and added with milk powder and sugar to make the authentic pink tea.

While the traditional name of the tea has chai in it, the tea tastes quite different from regular chais which usually have a blend of spices including cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and others. But Kashmir chai or pink tea has a more delicate taste.