Masala Green Tea Premix - 500g

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Masala Green Tea Premix (500g) | Makes 100 Cups | For Manual Use - Just add Hot Water | Suitable for all Vending Machines

Now relish the goodness of instant Green Tea. it is very easy to make, just add hot water to 5 grams of Cafe Desire Instant Green Tea. This product is very different from tea bags, as you are mixing and dissolving Instant Green Tea directly in the hot water, you are taking all the benefits of Green Tea antioxidants. You avoided Green Tea all these days as you did not like the taste but with Cafe Desire Instant Green Tea, you are going to make a healthy habit.

  • Green tea loaded with antioxidants.
  • Green tea considered as the healthiest beverage on the planet
  • It has been used as a medicine for thousands of years


Sip & Digest with Green Tea
Green Tea with Indian Spices
Feel Light Feel Good
100% Natural Ingredients
Refreshing hydrating beverage
Enjoy health and energy boost

Green Tea is Traditionally known to improve metabolism and aid in digestion

Blend of Natural Green Tea and Aromatic Indian Spices
Aid Smooth Digestion and help soothe your stomach. Enjoy Health, Energy boost
A Soothing Blend of Green Tea with Power-Packed Natural Ingredients
Strengthens immunity, Boosts stamina, Improves digestion and metabolism
Naturally support the immune & cardiovascular systems and promote detoxification