Cafe Desire Classic Bean Brewer - Bean to cup Vending Machine

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This coffee machine uses roasted beans and fresh milk to brew and make Espresso, Cappuccino, Café Late, Hot milk and other options.

This machine contains following items inside the machine box:-

1. Fresh milk container connecting pipe 2 Nos
2. Milk Frother 2 Nos
3. Filter coffee cup measure 1 Nos
4. Brush (For cleaning) 1 Nos

The second box container the large waste tray stand and large bean hopper.
Contents in this box are as below :-

1. Waste tray stand 1 Nos
2. Waste tray boxes 2 Nos
3. Float valve 1 Nos
4. Pump connecting pipe accessories:-
Silicon pipe of 1.5 meter (ii) Tube connector 1 Nos
Stopper 1 Nos (iv) SS Inlet 1 Nos
5. Large 750 gms Coffee Bean Hopper 1 Nos