LED - Insta Bean Classic Combo Coffee Vending Machine | Made with Fresh Milk | 8 Options

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The new Insta Bean Classic Combo Vending Machine delights coffee and tea consumers at workplaces and commercial spaces. 

Just add milk in the boiler / brewer and you will be able to dispense Coffee Latte, Black Coffee, Cappuccino, Mochaccino, Hot Chocolate and Brewed Tea.

By Adding hot water, you can enjoy our Lemon Tea, Green Tea, Tomato Soup and many more Flavorful Premix Beverages.

This combo machine comes with a Milk Boiler attached to it. 

This fully automatic machine will dispense Multiple Coffee Beverages and Brewed Tea made with Fresh Milk.

The New Insta Bean Classic Vending Machine is a 2-Canister machine with three mixing chambers. The 2 canisters need to be preloaded with - Instant Bean Coffee and Insta Bean Hot Chocolate.

Available Beverage options. Black Coffee, Coffee Latte, Cappuccino, Mochaccino, Hot Chocolate, Hot water or Milk and Brewed Tea.

There is a special delay function for the powders which allows the coffee powder to be dispensed later which adds a special coffee touch to the Latte and Cappuccino drinks.

The user can easily add more sugar separately if desired and as per individual choice.

The programming of the New Insta Bean Classic Vending Machine is simple, and functions are user-friendly.

Machine Specifications : 

Weight: 21kg

Dimensions: 38cm(W) X 53cm(D) X 68cm(H)

Power: 2000 Watts

Input Voltage: 220 V AC-50Hz

Start Up Time: 10 Minutes

Premix Canister Capacity: 1 kg capacity x 4 Nos

Dispensing Rate: 3 cups per minute

8 Beverage Options

Front Door: ABS Moulded with LED Panel 

Steam Dispersion: Exhaust Fan

Hot Water Tank: SS 304 Stainless Steel 3 Littre Capacity and LED panel outlook