Rental Option - Coffee Machine 4 Lane | Four Beverage Options | Fully Automatic Tea & Coffee Vending Machine | For Offices, Shops and Smart Homes | Make 4 Varieties of Coffee Tea with Premix | No Milk, Tea, Coffee Powder Required

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  • Rent paid is non-refundable under any circumstances.
  • Under Rental Plan refurbished machine in running condition will be provided
  • Customer should return the said vending machine in working condition after the expiry of rental period.
  • Transportation charges towards on actuals for delivery and pickup will be borne by the customer
  • GST will be levied extra, to claim the GST input customer should provide his GST number prior to raising of bill/invoice.
  • Online installation support and online service support will be provided by the company free of charge during the rental period.
  • Replacement of spare parts will be done by the company free of charge except PCB board and heating element.
  • Cost for replacement of PCB board and heating element will be under the scope of the customer.
  • Customer should not use any other brand of premixes in the said machine.
  • In case of customer using other brand of premix, company will have right to pull back the machine with immediate effect and this rental contract will be terminated, and the rental amount paid by the customer will be forfeited.
  • Customer will have the option of renew the contract for the same period and same amount in case of 6 months rental plan.
  • Customer will have the option to renew the contract at 50 % discount for second year in case of 12 month rental plan.
  • Customer agrees to return back the said vending machine in working condition to the company, in case customer is failing to return back the vending machine, customer will have to pay full cost of vending machine.
  • Customer agrees that he has understood all the terms and conditions of this contract and will abide by the same.
  • If customer returns the vending machine before the expiry of the rental period, customer will not get any refund of the rental amount.
  • Transport charges Rs.500 are applicable
  • For machine rental, beginning with the second renewal, for 6 months fee is only Rs 8000 and the annual fee is only Rs 10000.