Assorted Single Serve Sachets - Pack of 12 (240g)

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Explore a variety of delicious flavors with our 12 Premium Sachets Assortment. Whether you really like coffee or you're a big fan of tea, we have put together a collection of tasty options to suit your mood.

Inside each elegantly designed sachet, you'll discover 20g of pure beverage bliss. These premixes are your ticket to instant satisfaction—all you need is 100ml of hot water to transform them into your favorite cup of comfort.

Our GMP-certified products guarantee quality and consistency in every sip. Here's a taste of what's waiting for you:

1. Instant Coffee Premix: A rich, aromatic coffee blend that awakens your senses.

2. Cappuccino Premix: A creamy and frothy cappuccino with the perfect balance of coffee and milk.

3. Coffee Latte - Low Sugar Coffee Premix: For those who enjoy coffee with a hint of sweetness and a velvety finish.

4. Tea Latte Cardamom - Low Sugar Tea Premix: The warmth of cardamom-infused into a soothing tea latte with just the right touch of sweetness.

5. Tea Latte Ginger: An invigorating blend of tea and ginger for a spicy, comforting drink.

6. Tea Latte Masala: Embrace the exotic with our spiced tea latte that promises a burst of flavor in every sip.

7. Karak Tea Cardamom: A strong, bold tea enriched with the earthy notes of cardamom.

8. Karak Tea Ginger: Experience the fiery kick of ginger in a robust cup of Karak tea.

9. Lemon Tea Premix: A zesty, citrusy tea that brightens your day with its refreshing taste.

10. Karak Tea Masala: An intense, aromatic tea with a blend of spices that will transport you to distant lands.

11. Masala Green Tea: A healthful infusion of green tea with a twist of spices for a unique, revitalizing taste.

12. Tomato Soup Premix: Savor the heartwarming goodness of tomato soup in an instant.

The advantage of this assorted pack is clear: versatility. With this single purchase, you can explore a spectrum of flavors and enjoy a variety of gourmet beverages. Perfect for your home, office, or as a thoughtful gift for the beverage enthusiast in your life. Order now and embark on a journey of taste that's as diverse as your cravings.