Tea Latte - Ginger Premix - 500g

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Tea Latte - Ginger Premix (500g) | No Added Sugar | Milk not required | Ginger Tea | For Manual Use - Just add Hot Water | Suitable for all Vending Machines

Cafe Desire Ginger Tea Latte is an unsweetened tea premix made for people who prefer no added sugar in their tea. If you are calorie conscious and still want a super-tasting tea, then you should choose this ginger tea Latte without sugar tea premix.

Please note this sugarless ginger tea latte comes in 500 Grams packing, but the price is equal to other range products, the reason being LATTE Range is sugar-free. But be rest assured, your price per cup will remain the same, as our ginger tea Latte without sugar tea Premix will yield more cups per pack.

We can take a bet, you will not find this kind of product anywhere. Try it to believe it. Your family and friends will thank you for serving a Great Cup of tea that will taste the same as homemade. This is a great solution for people who are in search of great tasting and Low-Sugar unsweetened ginger tea Premix with NO-ADDED SUGAR.